Our Services

Optimization Services

Our clients realize that they derive the most benefit by concentrating their efforts on their core service or product – ie what they do best. Most business people simply do not have the time to analyze technology, suppliers and pricing alternatives in today’s constantly changing telecom world. Our Consultants audit existing systems and services to identify the most beneficial alternatives for you. The telecom audit can consider the entire telecommunications system, including wireline, long distance,toll-free, Mobile services, Faxes, Internet access and past billings, with the goals of identifying and providing:

  • areas of cost saving that won’t entail sacrificing service;
  • how efficiency can be increased;
  • billing errors that may be recoverable;
  • a full inventory of all telecom equipment and services. 

Project Services

Corporate Choice Communications Australia will provide advice, guidance and recommendations to help your organization make the right decisions regarding your telecommunications projects.

Professional Services

  • Needs analysis
  • Review of options or proposals
  • Vendor, equipment and application recommendations
  • Implementation services
  • Project management services

Specific Advice

  • Hardware upgrades and replacements
  • System and application upgrades and replacements
  • Office moves and relocations
  • Business expansion or downsizing
  • Acquisition and integration of another business
  • Creation of mobile or remote offices
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Network integration